Yeast Infections

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Yeast infections destroy our immune systems.  Females as well as males get them.  A pregnant mother who has a yeast infection will often times pass it on to their baby.  This can be why children 2 or 3 years of age will have eczema.

Anti-fungal drugs suppress the yeast infection however, it can outsmart the drug and in the meantime damage the liver.   Yeast infections can damage the pancreas and that is why having probiotic foods are so important in our diets.

Autistic children often times have yeast infections that are over looked as the root cause of their health challenge.

People choosing to have hip and knee replacements (please research the health benefits of water fasting in lieu of having a replacement), breast implants and stints put in their bodies often times if it isn’t a recall on the replacement, they get a yeast infection which leads to many other health challenges.

My father had a stint put in several years ago.  While he was in surgery a piece of plac broke loose and caused him to have his first stroke.  It impaired his speech for a long time.  3 years later he had a fatal stroke which most likely would not have happened if he did not have the first stroke.  I have since learned that eating vegetables and fruit would have naturally removed the plac buildup in as little as a few days.  No doctors, surgery or recovery necessary.   We are currently in the process of finding out if a family member has a yeast infection which may have stemmed from breast implants leading to rheumatoid arthritis.  So many diseases can be avoided naturally.

Our bodies are fabulously running machines that do not like to have foreign parts put in them.   Check out a water fast or research The Body of Ecology and get your health turned around before the holidays!