We are what we consume

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We become a collection of what we see, what we hear and what we eat.   And the less we care, the more we are at the mercy of others who care not about us, but about how to use us for their own personal profit and agenda.  The study which found that plants that heard classical music survived and actually blossomed better than the ones reared with pop music gives us part of the answer to the great mystery of the lack of control we feel in the way we become.  Knowing that knowledge is power and that the mind is the keeper of that power we must begin to feed our minds the Programs we choose, consciously directed towards the intent, purpose and mission of our lives:  becoming Power Balanced and Excelled Individuals.

By: Rose Assier Parvin

I agree with Rose.  I consistently ask my children how does it feel to play with that person?  How does it feel to play with the other person?  I want them to develop their intution on what feels good and what feels wrong or doesn’t feel good.  It should be that simple for us in our adulthoods but in my opinion we have lived in a world where we are suppose to want to have a huge house with a insane mortgage.  Does it feel so good after you have slept in that expensive house the first night?  Mostlikely the husband or wife have to work 60+ hours per week to be able to afford this house but then there is not a complete family living in the place.  It’s not complete because someone is always missing from the picture whether at work or tired from working.

Start making choices today for yourself.  Maybe have one less glass of wine tonight so your more refreshed for tomorrow or stay in and make dinner for your wife by candle light (ok it doesn’t have to be candle light but I bet it would make an impression) in lieu of going out for an expensive dinner.

Take a step towards what you want to do today!