Coconut Oil is the healthiest oil on Earth.

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Did you know that the fastest rising rate of cancer patients is between 12 and 20 years old?  It takes approximately 10 years for cancer to rear its ugly head.  Our little ones are surrounded by chemicals daily, from shampoos, lotions, bedding, toothpaste, cereal, non-organic milk, household cleaners, soaps, etc.  These items are loaded with chemicals.

Polynesians, who traditionally wear very little clothing, have for generations been exposed to the hot blistering sun, yet have beautiful healthy skin without blemishes and without cancer.  The reason they eat coconuts and use coconut oil on their bodies as a lotion.  Their skin remains undamaged even when exposed to long hours in the hot sun..  Pure coconut oil is the best natural lotion available and it also aids in the healing and repairing of our skin which gives us back our youthful appearance in the process.

I attended The Longevity Conference in April and have replaced my all of my body lotions (23 chemicals in Vaseline Sheer Infusion) and sunscreens (27 chemicals in Neutrogena Ultimate Sport sunblock) withProduct Details 100% Coconut Oil (sold at your grocery store).

I have only been using Coconut Oil on myself and my Junior Life Guard and Balboa Island Yacht Club child for over a month to give them protection against sunburn.   As you know they are in the water and on the beach for hours.   It’s a little oily at first but quickly absorbs into skin and works great.

Your body absorbs 49% of everything you put on your skin into your bloodstream.  Using Coconut Oil removes at least 50 (fifty +++) chemicals from your daily or twice + daily routine on each family member in your house.  This is one of the easiest ways to eliminate some chemicals from your temple and house!

It makes me smile knowing we have healthy choices.   Try it this weekend and please let me know how you like it.