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A Glass Of Water Is Like Taking An Internal Shower!
Next to air, water is the substance we need most and give the littlest thought to. I drink 16 – 8 oz glasses of water each day. Yes, I hear that is a lot and its “too hard” for some to drink that much. However, I am healthy and I intend to live out my life in that way. When you first start drinking more water you will go to the bathroom more but within a couple of weeks your organs adjust to the added amount of water and you will not have to go as often. Keep a pitcher of water on the counter or on your desk. It makes it easy to remember to drink your water.

Don Tolman states that water is a conductor of electrical current and it has an body. It is the liquid systems (lymphatic, blood and cerebra-spinal) of the body that carry all nutrients to our cells and remove all toxins out of our tubes! It is these two functions that determine our health, energy and vitality.

Without Enough Water Our Body Falls Into Dehydration

Most people suffer (and don´t realize it) from chronic dehydration. An indicator to know whether or not you are drinking enough water is the the color and odor of a person´s urine. Urine in a dis-ease free, healthy person is as clear as water and odorless. The reason for this is because the body is dis-ease free and it doesn´t need to expel toxins.

If you have a HEADACHE, flu, COLD, overweight, constipation, chronically FATIGUED OR get dehydrated drink more water.

If you want youthful skin, drink more water. A baby´s skin is twice as hydrated as an adults. Simple as it sounds, drinking enough water every day will clean your tubes, renew your fluids systems and create vitality where other fluids cannot.