Water is the second most important thing after air keeping us alive and kicking!

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I started a 24 hour water fast last night.  It’s my first time.  I wanted to see if I could do it for just a day.  I’ve done the master cleanse a few times for 10 days but it’s a bit different.  Friends and I believe it has much more to do with will power than being without food.

Fasting has existed since the beginning of life on our Earth and been used both as a religious ritual and for preventing and curing diseases.  Fasting purifies the body of Earth’s wide variety of pollutants, thereby improving bodily health and function.  When the body gets no rest from processing food day after day, the digestive and cleansing systems are often subjected to an uninterrupted workload.  Environmental pollutants also often contribute to the workload (49% of every product we put on our skin is obsorbed into our body, too).   If the body is not able to rid itself of these pollutants (toxins) it can lead to cancer and other innumerable diseases.  While fasting, the body feeds itself on the most impure and inferior materials of tumors, abscesses, fat deposits and damaged tissue.  All of which cause illness.  The body is cleansing itself.

I would like to do a 20 day fast in the future.  Wish me luck… L