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Dangerous (and Common) Vitamin Fillers You Must Avoid

By: Dr. Axe

Despite the decline in health today, the supplement industry is a billion dollar a year business (topping in at $6 billion in 2008.) You would think that with so many Americans spending their money on a supplement, chronic disease would be on the decline. Sadly, the rate of chronic disease rises daily.

Americans are gulping down the vitamins but our health remains in a crisis mode.

Fillers in Vitamins

Before we get into the specific five dangerous vitamin fillers let’s talk about fillers in supplements. Supplement manufacturers often add in a variety of fillers to their vitamin and mineral supplements for numerous reasons:

Easier and faster production
More appealing to the eye (colorants)
Easier to swallow (coatings)

Simply put, it’s not good.  Just like processed foods being loaded with additives and fillers, the same goes for vitamins.

Dangerous Filler #1: Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils are added to vitamins. These are the same hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils I’ve told you to avoid in the foods you eat.

Partially hydrogenated (and hydrogenated) oils damage the body. They encourage heart problems, strokes, nervous system problems, block the absorption of essential fatty acids, upset blood sugar regulation and more.

Dangerous Filler #2: Artificial Colors

Artificial colors are being added to vitamins too and have been linked to problems from cancer to hyperactivity in children.  They are added to make vitamins more appealing.

Dangerous Filler #3: Magnesium Stearate

One of the most controversial topics in the supplement world today. Many argue that this toxic ingredient shouldn’t be added to vitamins and is of serious health consequence. On the other side some say that it has not been proven by the scientific community to cause serious health problems in humans – yet.

Magnesium stearate is used as a lubricant so that the vitamins don’t stick to one another or the equipment being used.

One study links this compound to creating a suppressed immune system. Other studies show that this ‘chalk’ will create a biofilm in the body. This biofilm blocks the body from absorbing any of the needed nutrients.

Dangerous Filler #4: Titanium Dioxide

Titanium oxide is a naturally occurring oxide of the element titanium. This widely used mineral is used in vitamins as a pigment and can lead to problems with the immune function.

By:  Laurie Hermann

I think we too often pop a vitamin or even a pill because we are told it is good for us.  I have chosen to opt out of  taking supplements. I practice (some days its challenging) eating a well balanced whole foods diet as much as possible.  I know what I am putting in my body and that gives me piece of mind.

Check in with your body.  Take vitamins for a day or week or month and then do the opposite.  Do you feel better when you take vitamins or not?