My Three Day Water Fast

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I just finished a three day water fast (you only drink water)!  This is not for everyone. I do it because my body rests and I feel fantastic after.  Yes you will loose weight and will gain it back if you go back to eating the way you previously did.  Fasting also helps kill cravings for  carbs and sugars. I’ve been water fasting for the last three years since I went to the Longevity Conference in California. I met Don Tolman at this conference and went through his Ring Leader year long program. He has taught that people can heal their body of many diseases, cancers, replace getting hip/shoulder replacements and the list goes on and on. If want more information you can visit his website or his son the less cowboy-like, Tyler Tolman based in Bali.

I had previously done two, 10-day master cleanses so I had already experimented with living without food prior to my doing my extended 19 day water fast in Nov of 2011. If I can do this, anyone can! I did this because I wanted to put my learning from Tolman to the test. I had an old knee injury and before I did my 19 day water fast I could barely run for a couple of minutes after fast I could run 20+ minutes without issue.

For centuries, people have water fasted once a week in addition to a 3-4 day a month fast and approximately once per quarter people of different cultures would do a 10 day water fast.  Tolman recommends women not water fasting  for more than 10 days unless you have a health challenge. I had gotten distracted and stopped fasting for about a year. A couple of months ago I started fasting one day a week preparing for a longer three day fast. This week I did a three day fast.  All that is required is filtered or distilled water, sunshine, breathing, spending time in the ocean is healing or sea salt baths and a light work schedule because you will not know how you will feel.

I started on Tuesday, drinking approximately 2 gallons of water (I drink 1 gallon on a normal day). I practiced yoga, a little hunger pain and had a sea salt bathe.  I did have quite a headache that evening as I sat on my daughter’s soccer field but got home and rested woke up Wednesday feeling better. Wednesday was a normal day no hunger pains, I went to yoga, worked, did two coffee enemas and had a sea salt bathe. I focused on drinking more water in the afternoon and evening because that is the time you tend to feel hungrier. Thursday I felt good did the same things I did the previous days but skipped yoga.  Basically juiced Friday with a few light veggies no animal protein.

I recommend to try water fasting for breakfast one week, the next week fast for breakfast and lunch and the following fast for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is an easy way for your body to adjust to just drinking water.  People who do not know about fasting do not understand fasting. I’d keep your fast to yourself and those who practice it when you first start to keep you in a positive head space!



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