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While I sit at my computer this morning the sun is shining on my back and it feels so good.  I spent the last three days at The Longevity Conference.  It was another amazing event.  Lots of wonderful speakers and knowledge was shared.  More than half of the speakers at touched on the sun and the great benefits to us.  One speaker said there are reports that more people are dieing when working inside buildings with artificial light than workers working outside in the sun.  People love going on tropical vacations and look forward to basking in the sun.  This is because the sun feels so great!

To reap the most benefit from the sun, people with light skin need less and darker skin need more sun on a daily bases.

I personally

  1. Get out in the sun! 20-30 minutes a day on as much of my skins surface as possible!
  2. Don’t use chemicals to protect my family from the sun!  We use coconut oil and other essential oils.
  3. Don´t always use sunglasses, they can hurt your vision.  The sun is amazing for your eyes!

by Laurie

Sunshine is one of the greatest healers of  diseases.  Our bodies, just like plants and other living organisms on this earth, require sunshine to grow, develop, repair and regenerate.

As you embrace sunlight, your skin will adapt and become more accepting of its healing powers.

By allowing  light from the sun, our skin creates a photo-electric response so your body can make Vitamin D. This vitamin helps the entire bone structure of the body, the circulatory system, maintains normal heart rhythm and helps every cell in the body regulate its function better. The UV Rays that create vitamin D in our body also help to control bacterial and viral overwhelm.

Deficiencies in vitamin D are widespread. Prostate cancer is the number one male disease.  With women, it´s breast cancer and osteoporosis. Both diseases are entirely preventable and sunlight is one of the major and most critical keys to this prevention.  Natural sunlight is absolutely essential for good health.

by Don Tolman