Sleeping in So Cal

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One of my male clients has been on ambien for about 3 years now.  Prior to the ambien he would only sleep about 3 hours a night.   I believe they hand out prescriptions too easily and don’t address the issue at hand.  How many people do you know that start off with one prescription and then have a medicine cabinet full of pill bottles?  THERE ARE SIDE EFFECTS TO EVERYTHING YOU PUT IN YOUR BODY THAT ARE NOT NATURAL!

My client is off  the ambien and I recommended he replace it with 4 hefeweizen (unfiltered) (Blue Moon) beers in the evenings.  He isn’t much of a beer drinker so he only has 1 or 2.   He has been sleeping.  He also noted that he is now dreaming again (poor side effect of ambien) and there has been a “fog lift” (poor side effect of ambien) which has given him clearer thought.  His goal is to get good 7- 8 hours of sleep and then starting reducing the amount of beers down to none within a short period of time.

Why hefeweizen beers (4) or organic cocoa hot chocolate (2 cups) before bed?  The hops in beer and cocoa bean in hot chocolate (or an organic chocolate bar) have some of the attributes as cannabis. Friends of my clients ask “Why not just smoke cannabis?”  A little to old to become a stoner!   His goal is to have a great night of sleep without taking anything.  Beers and chocolate are natural and without the horrible chemical side effects of ambien.  If you give it a shot you should be able to get your sleep down within 3 to 7 nights.

Sweet Dreams!