Shaman from the Amazon Rain Forest

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I was blessed to spend a weekend with a tribal leader from Colombia. He recently came out of living in the rain forest and has a temple near Bogota. A friend of mine spent 12 days at his brother’s ‘retreat’ at the base of the Amazon. He is also a Shaman and their grandfather happened to be the oldest living Shaman in the area at the age of 109.

I’ve had multiple friends share their experiences with plant medicine over the last few years and I always wanted to experience it for myself. All of them have done multiple ceremonies. My time happen to come and I had a great recommendation!

Plants have magical properties! You may not know but my first company I started in the early 90’s was an interior plant service. I had that company for 10 years and sold it after my youngest was born.  I had the great pleasure of installing and servicing plants for clients such as The Crystal Cathedral (my plants filmed every Sunday for years), Pepsi Cola and Irvine Company. Did you know plants actually clean the air?

Plant medicine has been used in Colombia for well over 4,000 years.  I’ve heard mention of even 16,000 years. This is something I have found to be the deepest healing for body, mind and spirit that I have come across in my studies in the last decade. As I laid there after my first evening I thought to myself this is the bravest thing I have ever done.

I am grateful and over joyed to be spending another weekend with the Shaman before he goes home to his tribe.

With love and gratitude,



Laurie & Shaman from Columbia

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