Seychelle was only 4 lbs 8oz

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Now look at her and she was 4 lbs 1 oz when she came home from the hospital!

It still amazes me that my daughter Seychelle was only 4 lbs 8 oz when she was born three weeks early. I thought I had a perfect pregnancy but when another person mentioned how small I seemed for being 9 months pregnant, I mentioned it to my doctor. He said come back tomorrow and we’ll do an ultra sound. After my work out the next morning, I went straight to my appointment. I thought this was all pretty routine and was calm about my appointment. I was happy, healthy, ate right, worked out and got plenty of rest.  After the ultra sound my doctor said he talked to my pediatrician and they agreed that I should induce labor that day. Being only 2 minutes from the hospital, I asked if I could go home and shower first. He said no. That is the moment I got nervous. Apparently my amniotic fluid was severely low so they wanted to hook me up to the monitors asap. I checked in around 11am and went to sleep late that evening. Just after midnight several doctors and nurses rushed into my room. One of the doctors said to get my doctor there.  I had Seychelle by emergency c-section at 1am on January 20th, 2001. Afterwards my doctor came in and said I must have had an angel on my shoulder because Seychelles’ heart rate had dropped dangerously low. It was the scariest thing I have ever endured and to think I seemingly asked my doctor such a simple question.

My feelings regarding health have changed since my one and only experience with being in a hospital. I want to be around with my girls and I want us to live a long, healthy happy life. Many health challenges have plagued my immediate family including strokes, heart attacks, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma and coma. I myself have had two small birth weight children, severe allergies and hashimotos.

I am happy to be around many brilliant people that mentor and teach me about business and life in general. I am so passionate about what I get to do on a daily basis as far as making my amazing skincare products. I get to help eliminate toxins from people’s environments and bodies all around the world. I know I am making a positive difference in people’s lives and it puts a smile on my face each and every day.

xo, Laurie

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