Laurie Hermann with daughters Seychelle and Bryton with Trystan {Portuguese Water Dog
Laurie Hermann with daughters Seychelle and Bryton with Trystan {Portuguese Water Dog


I created a company that helps eliminate chemicals and toxins from client’s daily routines.

I was born in Minnesota, grew up in Montana, snow skiing all winter and water skiing all summer, moved to California, studied at OCC and Interior Designers Institute. An entrepreneur from my early 20’s I built a successful company installing and taking care of interior plants and designed holiday displays.

Along the way, I fell in love, married and had two daughters.  I sold my first company after my 2nd daughter was born and devoted my time to volunteering as an event planner which led to paid events. I was diagnosed with hashimoto’s the same year I divorced my husband. I had been told I would be on medicine the rest of my life. What? No way!

With a sense of style, I began dressing friends and clients which led to my opening a clothing boutique in Newport Beach. Health was on my mind. I closed the doors and headed to the Longevity Conference 2011. My passion was to teach nutrition but that didn’t fly so I started formulating skincare. Soon clients were lined up for my treasures. When the time was right I found the perfect fit for the highest quality organic superfoods nutrition to add to my company. Now I take care of both the outside and the inside.

I have many spiritual mentors in my life including astrology, numerology, reiki, feng shui, physic mediums, energy healers, hypnotherapist, etc.  I love sharing my knowledge and wisdom in addition to creating, designing. I am passionate about living a blessed, healthy happy life.

I look forward to connecting with you soon,