Just finished a 10 day transformation juice cleanse! Wahoo

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I just finished my first 10-day juice cleanse on Saturday. I was referred by my energy healer from Hawaii, Diana Larose. I was suffering from a horrible allergy attack while talking with her. Diana said why don’t you call my friend Kristina she has an affordable cleanse that has been curing people who were at deaths door. All of the products are organic and the company has been around for 25 years. I called that day and ordered my 10-day transformation products.

BONUS! On day 7 I went out the pool with my kids and when I came back in I glanced down at my leg. I have an ugly cellulite spot that is always there no matter what I do. It was 80% gone. I wasn’t doing this cleanse to lose weight, although you typically lose a lb a day, but to get healthier.  And yesterday I was at Costco to get provisions and a lady at checkout said are you a runner? I said no. She said you are in such good shape. 😊 I do feel better. I feel tighter throughout my entire body. The Amino Acid 23’s I take upon waking direct my body to burn the fat and toxins in lieu of muscle within 23 minutes. This is huge so much so I’m switching from my old protein shake straight to amino 23’s. Both of my kids are athletes so I’m starting them on the aminos as well. We do not want our body to burn muscle!

I have a few gift cards I would love to share with you. Please reach out if you would like a gift card or to hear more.  I want everyone to be healthy and happy.   xo, Laurie

ps:  to get technical for a minute. Comparing my last 10 day water fast and this 10 day juice cleanse here are my results. Although I lost weight on both, my percent of body fat went down on the juice cleanse (a reason I like the amino 23’s). Note I kept 5 lbs off since my water fast in March but it is much more difficult than the cleanse I just finished!

…                   .Weight @ start    % Body Fat    Weight @ end    % Body Fat
Water Fast:         147                     25%              137                    26%
Juice Cleanse:    142                     20%              134                    19%

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