Jane Galli Loves My Line

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When we eat veggies, fruits and raw nuts, we leave little trash behind.  At the same time these are all really good for us.
Pacific Face Wash

Super exciting to be called into the Sunset Gowers film set on Monday.

Jeff Daniels make up artist Jane Galli rang me up and wanted to see more of my line. One of my long time celebrity clients, Wynn, had dropped off a sample of my Pacific Face Wash  on Jane’s station.  Jane wasn’t even sure who had done it when she called me.  She said after she tried it, “I knew whoever formulated this had to have other amazing products.  I’ve tried lots of face washes and yours is just the perfect amount of exfoliation without leaving a residue.  It got my face nice and clean.  I love it”.    She placed her first order with me and got samples to share with her make up artist friends.  This is what is nice about my skincare line.  You only need to try something a couple of times to know it really works.   xo, Laurie

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