I’m always here for you, Love Rose

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I am Lebanese and I smell fabulous! I feel the warm grip of a hand on my cobalt blue glass body throughout the day. Everyone in the house wants to use me! I make skin look rejuvenated and fresh like you’re just coming off a long weekend of heavenly bliss. I’m the go to for those “sensitive types” and when there are wrinkles and dryness, I’m the one they call.  I have this unbelievable firming effect, you’ve seen my soft velvety petals stand firm and at attention, I have a knack for doing that to your skin too. Flaming redness and broken capillaries is something I can put the cobash on! I work my centuries old magic on painful conjunctivitis and eczema.

You’ll smell me all around the house in the air, hair, linens and powder room too. I love making people happy, whether a teenager can’t find “anything to wear” causing unhappiness and needs a quick spritz fix of my Aromatherapy action or gorgeous mama is doing her morning/evening routine of keeping her face young and beautiful. I get used by young and old!

xo, Rose Water by Laurie Hermann’s Skincare

Rose Water

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