Fresh food delivers

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My regular farmers market was not active last week so I had to go to the regular grocery store for all my shopping. Boy it is eye opening when you are away for so long. I typically just grab shampoo, conditioner, toilet paper, paper towels and some seasonings at the store. Last week I had to get veggies, fruit, eggs etc. While I was there I noticed all the colored boxes, cans, tubes and jars of food. The major food companies trying to entice us with pretty colors but it is all processed. Refined is not the best. Bleached is not fabulous. Processed is not the true food our bodies require for optimum health. I get my food fresh and it doesn’t come in a box or container. Once you taste a great head of lettuce or a plum picked from a farm not far away you to will realize how delicious the bounty can be in your mouth. And your body will thank you. I know some think processed food is quicker but is it really? How much time does it take to wash an apple or shred some carrots and cucumbers up? I was at a friends for dinner recently and she said “I don’t eat processed food” and looking at her plate was hummus (from a tub), salad dressing (jar), bread and crackers. Fresh food is when it comes with a skin and that skin is good for you. I’ve learned over the years to eat a wide range of fruits and vegetables in a variety of color. Make it fun and see how many different ones you can pick up at the market this week. I want you beautifully healthy and not in a box! xo, L

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