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I am so excited to announce I have partnered up with an amazing company who produces extremely high quality, raw organic superfood nutrition along with other beneficial products for gut repair, sleep, pain, energy, etc. Facing my own health challenges with Hashimotos, I have been on a path of nutritional discovery since 2006 which led me to formulating my own line of natural skincare.

Purium, which stands for pure and premium, has been in business for 25 years and has been impactful on the natural health and foods industry with their focus on sustainable agriculture, organic and non-GMO, whole, raw, green and live food. Purium uses a unique live dehydration technology that preserves all of the vital enzymes and keeps them intact. Once constituted with water and consumed, these enzymes saturate your cells to support gut, immune system and overall health. The company has grown so much that they moved their manufacturing from a 1,200 sq ft to a 40,000 sq ft space in California and has been on the Inc 5000 list the last 4 years. They also just launched a new website full of informative articles and videos on nutrition and health.

After completing Purium’s 10 day cleanse/transformation, I continue to take four products daily. I feel energized and healthier in my body and mind than I have in years. My family is using multiple Purium products (lyme disease, allergies, sleep, athlete paks, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia) and many of my clients are reporting how these products are making a drastic improvements in their health. I strive to find only the purest products to put in to my body and I am so grateful I have found such an elevated quality of organic superfoods nutrition in Purium.

The food we eat and spend money on every day is either poising or healing us. Purium’s organic superfood nutrition is affordable, convenient, delicious and easy to consume.  I recommend starting four products for 30-60 days. If you are willing to invest about $7 a day, you may achieve optimal health and weight and repair the damage that has already been done from environment and food induced toxicity.  These four superfoods to start are the Core 3 and Biome Medic; your proteins, 12-14 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. The synergy of these four deliver the phytonutrients to alkalize your PH, put your body into an anabolic state, bedtime deep sleep, reduce inflammation, repair free radical damage and repair the micro biome. This is a great foundation to create optimal health and a strong immune system.

After the 60 days, you may consider joining me for a 10 day cleanse after the holiday season. 😊 It seems easier for people to do a cleanse once they get familiar with the core 3 products. I recommend everyone does a cleanse at least once per year and if in poor health 3-4 times per year. For centuries many cultures have cleansed 4 times per year on a full moon.

For those of you interested in giving Purium products a try, you can order directly online which includes a 100% money back guarantee, if returned within 60 days. No membership or obligations.  Bonus being I can provide a $50 discount on your first purchase and 15-25% off following purchases.

I take the Amino Acid 23’s before I get out of bed in the morning (ask me why), Biome Medic in the am and pm, 1 Power Shake for breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner (sometimes I have it before I go out for dinner when I’m not sure what I’ll be having) and then Apothe Cherry before bed mixed with a little water. It is so simple yet so effective. These four superfoods provide ease in cleansing, rebuilding gut flora and providing an easy way to get proteins,  fruits and vegetables needed for optimal health into your body.  Biome Medic, the gut repair product, bonds to and removes glyphosate for the body, which is a dreaded herbicide that is dangerous when consumed. Biome Medic also provides the perfect balance of probiotics and prebiotics.

I encourage you to visit the website, read the company mission and browse the wide selection of nutritional products they have to offer:  www.ishoppurium.com $50 Gift code: Lhermann

I am blessed to have connected with Kristina, friend and warrior, who encouraged me to become a brand partner with Purium. It was an easy yes after my 10 day transformation, as I want everyone to try the products. It is an honor to work with Kristina and others on our team dedicated to personal growth and optimal health. As always, I am here to help you and yours achieve this as well. Please reach out to me to learn more.

Love, Laurie

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