Dry winter skin

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is other than fabulous!   catalina oct

Those of you who know me understand that I drink plenty of water each day (one gallon), I get plenty of good sea salts in my diet, I use my all over sea salt scrubs regularly (twice weekly) in the shower and follow with my California Body or California Body Seychelles. Practicing yoga today, I realized my legs were dry. Yuck! A bell went off and I realized it’s that time of year that I switch over solely to my California Body Seychelles which is mix of pure natural oils that will keep my body hydrated for 24 hours. It truly does keep our skin with a slight silky glow even in the driest climates.

Other items in my treasure box of skincare that will help keep your wrinkles away and a constant glow this winter are my Rose Water Toners, Neroli Water Toners and Face Serum Firm It. These are primarily for the face but occasionally I do spritz the toner waters all over my body and hair. They are super hydrating and make me feel like I just stepped out of a five star spa (um, maybe I need to have a Laurie Hermann day spa). If your face feels dry when using my Face Serum (original) try switching over to my Face Serum Firm It for winter. You will love it!

One thing I tell my man is that I need plenty of sleep, water and nutrition – with those three things and my skincare I am good to go pretty much anywhere! Enjoy and as always if you have any skincare questions for anyone in the family, please ask! I’m just a phone call (323.366.0496) or email away. xo, L


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