Day 5 of 40 Lifestyle Transformation – Green Shake

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 Purium Power Shake
I started drinking the vegan organic gluten-free shakes on my 10 day cleanse and became addicted. I had been drinking the original flavor and just ordered the apple-berry. It tastes soooo good. I have one or two a day mixed with water depending on what is on my schedule. Often I take one on the go. Purium’s nailed it after formulating superfoods the last 25+ years. It has the nutritional equivalent of 36 dark leafy green servings or 6 superfoods salads. SIX! Who would have time to eat or prep all this food? As my body detoxifies, I no longer crave as many sugar-laden foods or reach for processed foods. The shake is a superfood powerhouse chuck full of vitamins, minerals and protein. The Vitamin K among other micronutrients is on the ‘foods shrinking fibroids list’ and can better regulate ones menstrual cycle. The Purium Power Shake powers you up while it slims you down. Yay! This is a MUST for me to have in my kitchen cabinet for fast ‘superfood’. To get started, comment below or message me. I would love to share more about the Purium Lifestyle and the 10 Day transformation as well as support your craving for a healthy lifestyle!

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