Day 20 of 40 lifestyle shift | Natural conditioner & deodorant

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I’ve taken an apple a day to another level! For the last several years I have fallen in love with apple cider vinegar (organic) as a natural hair conditioner. It balances the ph in our hair and leaves it clear of any residue buildup. When I’m ready to condition, I mix a capful of vinegar with a cup (glass jar) of water and pour over my hair and rinse immediately. I do find it is a little harder to brush out after I towel dry but it makes my hair feel so luxurious and soft. I am also grateful that the apple cider vinegar comes in a glass bottle which eliminates plastic from the home and it is so cheap! I also use acv as my deodorant. I take a cotton ball and dab vinegar on it and wipe it under my arms a few times. Deodorant is one of the most toxic chemicals we can put on our body. I’ve heard there may be a link between deodorant and breast cancer as the toxins from the deodorant make their way down to the breast region. Why not just eliminate the possibility all together and try something new. If the the vinegar does not work for you look for a natural deodorant. Read the labels. Ask for assistance. I try and eliminate as many toxins from my body and home as possible. Switching up a few things at a time is easy. xo, Laurie

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