Day 17 of 40 lifestyle shift | Soar throat, tummy or ear ache

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I learned many years ago from Don Tolman that the combination between our saliva and sea salt kills infections. Whenever I feel a hint of a soar throat I suck on coarse Himalayan sea salt. The big kind like you find in a salt (pepper) mill. I actually keep some in a bag in my car because that is where my kids usually say “my throat is soar” after or on the way to school. Never fails!

At home for my kids, I put some in a little dish next to their bed (or where ever they are hanging out) so they can think of reaching for it before bed and during the night if they wake up. Toss whatever is left. You don’t want to share left over salt with others. This remedy only costs cents! Love that.

It really does help to suck on it almost none stop for the first 24 hours. I swear it works but you do need to get on it right away. And no I’m not a doctor nor am I an astronaut or Victoria Secret Model. But I do love helping people feel better by sharing what I have learned over time. Try it and let me know if it made you or a loved on feel better. xo, Laurie


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