Day 13 of 40 lifestyle transformation | Detox with Sea Salt

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I am shocked when I hear people say they only go to the ‘bathroom’ every three or four days. Wtf? This means when you eat three meals a day for four days your body is holding on to TWELVE (12)+ meals, all the harmful deadly chemicals, hormones and additives in your body for 96 hours. No wonder people are cranky and sick. Many teach that we need to shower our bodies inside and out. For over 7 years, I wake up and drink 1 quart of room-temp water with 2 heaping teaspoons of sea salt before I have any food. The sea salt attaches to chemicals and toxins in our bodies and helps eliminate them from our system. Within about 30-60 minutes it flushes through the body. Some days I go several times within a short period and other days just once. When trying for the first time keep close to home for the first couple of hours. Several of my clients have had such benefits of regulating their sleep and reducing inflammation. Others notice their blood pressure stabilizes! Such an easy detox and way to re-mineralize. Your mind and body in turn will thank you with a healthy happy body and clearer mind.

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