Day 12 of 40 lifestyle transformation | Tongue Tools

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Cleaning your tongue is comfortable, quick and effective! If you had shown me this picture of a tongue scraper I would have had no idea what it was! No idea! I got my first one when I was on my 10 day cleanse and have been using it ever since. Tongue scrapers have been around for years and is the secret weapon for fresh breath. Bacteria is the leading cause for bad breath which has to do with your diet. Food gets caked on your tongue throughout the day and eventually starts to smell and turns to plaque which can lead to tartar. A tongue cleaner can scrape nearly all the bacteria off the surface of your tongue in just a few seconds. 5-6 scrapes in the morning and at night. Also, when you remove bacteria from your tongue, you will be exposing your taste buds more allowing you to discover all the delicious flavors in the foods you eat! Lastly, you will be removing harmful toxins from your body and preventing them from being ingested into your body to begin with. BONUS scraping your tongue = boosting your immune system! Add this one to your shopping list!

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