Day 11 of 40 lifestyle transformation – Upgrade your body

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Most of us upgrade our lovers, jobs, phones, cars but have you upgraded your health? I have! I did an 11 day water fast in March and a 10 superfoods cleanse in September. I felt best after my superfoods cleanse. So try that first! I had a huge shift half way through, my body felt firm and energized and my mind was super clear with less anxiety. I know it can be hard to swap some food for others. But I know you can do it especially if you are unhealthy! It can be as simple as grabbing a superfoods power shake vs. bagel, amino acid 23’s vs. fatty red meat, Apothe Cherry vs. sleeping pills. Bonus add a gallon+ of water a day.  To make it as easiest I can give you a couple of tips. If you genuinely want to upgrade your body, drop an emoji or post a comment. I’ll send you a $50 gift card to get started on 3 powerful superfoods (I took while on cleanse) to add to your day. If you don’t notice a difference in 30-60 simply return them. I’ll still love you! I just would love to see you rejuvenated within the 60 days! xo, L

ps. I’m going to be doing another 10 day cleanse after the New Year if you want to join me.


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