Clearer mind, cleaner bodies

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I had no idea that my unconscious was undermining me and that my conscious mind has this great idea about wanting to share my diet, nutrition, skincare and aha’ moments.

I’ll be 49 this month and it has been 29 days since the 1st day of my 10 day cleanse. My body is so clean and continues to lean up. I feel Amazing! I want this for you too. I will be leading a group detox of your choice this month (take it slow add 3 core things to your day, a 10 day transformation or a 40 day health reset). Such a great time to do a cleanse before the hectic holidays begin. You will be the one cruising through as others around may be anxious, tired and weighed down.

Everybody needs a cleanse. I want us to stay young and vibrant. This is so easy. All you have to do is reach out and ask for help.


ps  Cleanse video!

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