Best Shave Everytime!

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Angelina Jolie’s head has never had a closer shave I would suspect.  Shaving with oil ROCKS and once you try it you will never go back!   S.L. HERMANN shaving oil is rich in vitamins, it re-moisturizes the skin and is a natural antioxidant  (we are surrounded daily by toxins).  Because of it’s all natural ingredients you will be hydrated without being coated in foamy chemicals.  The shaving oil reduces nicks and razor burn, ending in the world’s best shave everytime.

An added benefit for those with cracked/dry heels, when women shave with the oil it makes its way down your leg and to your heel region or to the tile in your shower slowly moisturizing your heels.   Nicely done Shaving Oil!

Can be used to shave both the body and face follow with Body Boost.