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Clean, Fresh, Moving Air Is The Key

Without air, you die in minutes. Although it´s easy enough for me to say “if you don´t have air, you´ll die” but it´s not just air that you need. Its electrified air that your body can actually use. Moving air is electrified air, the more it moves the more it becomes electrified. Conversely, stagnate air is electrically dead air and at this point, it becomes useless to the body.

There are documented cases of miners underground drilling into a new cavity and the first thing they wanted to do was go check it out. Within minutes they suffocated. There was air passing in and out of their lungs but it was not electrified. It was stale and hadn´t moved since it had been trapped.

This one may sound redundant but you wouldn´t believe the number of people who work in an office with no windows all day and wonder why they feel lethargic, fatigued and demotivated and they are clueless to why they feel this way. The air they are breathing is stale, dead, and lifeless. It is barely moving.

We Are Electrical Beings By Nature

We can hook ourselves to up an Electro-Cardio Gram and we will output electricity just like a battery. So it goes without saying that the more electrical our inputs are, the more energy we will have. Air is the greatest source of electricity for human beings. The more fresh, moving air we breathe, the more energy we will have and the more our lung tubes will love us. They are getting a clean, fresh breath of Living Air.

Not only can we help our health and energy by ensuring that we immerse ourselves in electrified air, we can use our lungs and breathe in a way that´s for our own best benefit. Deeper, longer, slower breathing has the power to change our emotional state. By not allowing electrified air to the largest part of our lungs (the base), we can only access shallow breathing which has a tendency to unbalance our emotions.

By using our entire lungs, deep breathing will stabilise feelings of depression, anger, stress, hyperactivity and clean the plaque that will build up in the largest part of our lungs. Eventually that stuff has to come out! It´s a habit of mine to take 5 deep, long, slow breaths outside in the moving air when I wake in the morning to kick start my day with the first principle of self-care and true health.

I could go on and on about air but change is all about doing a few things until they can become habit so you can take on a few more things.

Here are the applications of self-care in relation to Air as I have said above and couple of extras that are keys to dis-ease free, vibrant and healthy living.
1.Ensure you breathe fresh, moving air every day, the more, the better.
2. Breathe deeply during the day. Make it a habit to take 5 full deep, slow, long breaths outside when you wake in the morning.
3. Keep your windows open, in your house, in your office and in your car!
4. Buy some plants!

Remember: Life is Movement! So getting outside in the moving electrified air energizes your body and cleans your skin and lung tubes! by Don Tolman