22 of 40 lifestyle shift | the throne

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There is a reason your throne has a lid. They are meant to be closed before you flush. Totally gross if you don’t.¬†Philip Tierno, a microbiologist at New York University, says that aerosol plumes can reach as high as 15 feet. Think about this the next time you are reaching for your toothbrush, hairbrush, make up, floss, tooth rinse, etc. Tierno states, that bacteria like salmonella and shigella and viruses like norovirus and hepatitis A, are transmitted when fecal particles enter the mouth. Our toilet lids are shut each and every time in our home. Another reason I do it is because¬†in feng shui they teach that fortunes and riches go down drains. I love this stuff (feng shui)! xo, L

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